About Transcarveca USA


Transcarveca USA was founded in May 2005. It soon joined the United Shipping group, a leading global network of NVOCC and freight forwarding agencies. Our main trade lane is North America to South America, we handle exports and imports throughout the western hemisphere for multinational corporations. Another significant portion of our volume belongs to small retailers that use our services and let us handle their supply chain needs. We also handle exports from all of Asia to North, South and Central America.


Our projects department handles oversized loads, heavy hauling, and break bulk shipments. Throughout our network of agents, brokers, carriers, and truck fleets we are able to provide quality service from manufacturer's door to consumers. We have handled projects such as a 500 ton rotor for a hydroelectric plant in the Orinoco River. Autotransformers from India discharged in Puerto Cabello and later delivered to electrical substations throughout Venezuela and other countries in South America.


Let us participate in your business, our staff is eager to assist. 

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